Snow & Ice Removal for the Eastern Panhandle

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Stay ahead of mother nature this winter. When 2 or more inches of snow accumulate on your property, our team will automatically arrive to keep your walkways and driveways clear.

It’s that simple.

For more information or to request pricing for your area, please contact us today.

1). Customer Profile

To get started, provide us with the address of the property and a description of the areas that you would like to keep clear this winter.

2). Weather Monitoring

Forecast and snow totals will be confirmed through NOAA and the National Weather Service. When 2 or more inches of snow accumulate, our crews will automatically arrive to keep your selected areas clear.

3). Automatic Scheduling

Mother Nature can be unpredicatable! The amount of time that it takes our crew to arrive at your property will depend on the severity of the storm.  However, rest assured your property will be kept clear and safe in a timely manner.

4). Sit Back & Relax

Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, kick back, and stay warm in the comfort of your own home! With automatic scheduling, there’s no need to notify us with each snowfall, but if you need to reach us, we are a phone call away.

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