6 Types of Bathroom Faucets to Know Before You Install

Whether you are repairing a bathroom faucet, replacing one, or starting from scratch, it is important to know the number and spacing of the holes on your countertop or sink. Before your installation, consider the size of the space, the kind of sink you own, and who will be using the sink. With countless faucet designs, styles, finishes, and features, homeowners can express the look they want without sacrificing quality and durability.

Here is a basic guide to faucet options that you can choose for your bathroom: 

1). Single-Hole

As the name suggests, this type of faucet is meant for sinks with one pre-drilled hole. If your sink has multiple holes, you can purchase a deck plate to cover the ones that are unused.

2). Center Set

Center Set faucets combine a spout and two handles in one single unit. This type of faucet is made for sinks that have 3 holes that accommodate handles that are set 4-6 inches apart.

3). Widespread Fit

Similar to center set faucets, widespread faucets also work with three-hole sinks. However, the difference is that they have three separate pieces – two handles and one spout. The handles are set anywhere between 6- 16 inches apart.

4). Wall-Mounted

This type of faucet is perfect for above-the-counter and freestanding sinks that require a longer spout. Wall-mounted faucets provide a modern and sophisticated look, reduce clutter, and make for easy cleanup. However, the installation process can be comparatively more complex because it requires modification of the wall and framing.

5). Vessel

This type of faucet is specifically designed to fit over a vessel sink, otherwise known as a free-standing sink. Because vessel sinks sit directly on the counter, they require a taller faucet to reach the basin, and that is where vessel faucets come into play.

6). Touchless & Touch-Activated

Once found only in commercial bathrooms, touchless and touch-activated faucets are now becoming more popular in homes.  They are usually designed for single-hole sinks and do not require handles or knobs at all. Touchless and touch-activated sinks feature a motion sensor or tap-activated control for clean, easy operation. Depending on the model, these types of faucets can be battery-operated or hardwired.

Commonly Used Finishes:

1). Chrome

2). Brass

3). Epoxy-Colored

4). Gold

5). Nickel

6). Stainless Steel

Standard Controls Include:

  • Cross Handles
  • Joystick
  • Knobs
  • Lever Handles
  • Push-Buttons
  • Touch

Features to keep in mind for your new faucet installation include the construction of the inner valve, the types of handles, and the color of your faucet set.

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