A Guide to Flooding & Water Damage

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After experiencing a flood or a broken water pipe, the last thing you’ll want to do is wait around! Water requires quick and thorough cleanup to avoid further damage and more importantly, to prevent mold growth!

Here is what you should do to start the remediation & restoration process:

1). Notify Insurance & Inspect The Damage

??Notify your insurance provider immediately

??Inspect the affected area for structural damage – Cracks in the foundation can indicate an unsafe structure

??Make notes and take images/videos of the damage for insurance purposes

??For emergency assistance, contact J.G’s Home Improvement for full-service 24/7 remediation and restoration

2). Safety First

??Contact your electricity and gas service to request a shut-off if damage is significant

??Wear gloves, rubber boots, and eye protection before touching anything

??Don’t force open doors in case they are supporting the structure

??In the case of flooding, power lines may have been knocked down outside your home, so avoid puddles and standing water

3). Prep For Cleanup

??Discard damaged materials and keep onsite for the insurance adjuster to see

??Upholstered furniture and mattresses, if submerged, should be discarded within 24 hours to avoid mold

??Remove all contents of the room, whether its salvageable or to be discarded, to allow for cleanup

??If mud or sediment is present, use a hose to wash off hard surfaces

4). The Dirty Work

??Use a dehumidifier and fans throughout the area for faster drying??Remove carpet and padding and begin drying subfloor. Wood floors will likely need to be discarded

??Remove baseboard trim

??Remove drywall at least one foot above water line

??Remove wet insulation

??Pump and remove water using a wet/dry vacuum

??Throughout the process use disinfectant freely to aggressively control mold growth

J.G?s Home Improvement offers 24/7 emergency remediation to help control the damage and alleviate your concerns as quickly as possible. Our team has the expertise, tools, and resources to get your home back to its original condition and free of any bacteria or mold.

Whether you need immediate service or would like a professional to perform an inspection, give us a call today to schedule a free appointment!

Give our office a call or send us a message to schedule a free on-site estimate. J.G?s Home Improvement is licensed in the state of West Virginia. We have proudly served the eastern panhandle for over 20 years! Located in Charles Town, our team is always available to respond quickly and reliably.

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