7 Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

Fireplace Installation & Repair

Looking for a few easy, fun and budget-friendly ideas to spruce up your home this winter? We’ve put together this short list of ideas that will change up the feel of your space without breaking the bank.

1). Refresh a Dated Fireplace w/ a Coat of Paint

Paint Your Fireplace

A layer of paint is one of the most impactful, yet inexpensive ways to improve the look of your home. Consider giving your fireplace a fresh coat of paint for an updated feel. To prep for this project, be sure to clean the fireplace and apply a stain-blocking primer to mask any soot stains. Then, choose a high-gloss paint to create an eye-catching look that will last.

2). Accessorize Your Front Door

Front Door Installation

Give your entryway a distinct personality by adding small accessories such as quirky address numbers, bold lighting fixtures, or a rustic mailbox. With this project, have a little fun by mixing and matching accessories such as vintage finds at your local thrift store or recycled fixtures at the junkyard!

3). Add a Frame to Your Bathroom Mirror

Install A Frame Around Your Mirror

Instead of spending hours at the home goods store trying to find a new, modern mirror, save yourself a heap of money by adding a wooden frame around your current one.

4). Install a Tile Backsplash for the Kitchen

Kitchen Backsplash Installation

Tile backsplashes can make for a timeless look, while also protecting your walls from spills, moisture, and splashes while you cook. With an endless variety of materials, patterns, and colors available, you’ll have free rein to personalize your design.

5). Install Wainscoting

Install Wainscoting

Both practical and stylish, Wainscoting is a great way to protect the walls from scuffs while adding some depth and warmth to the room. Dating back all the way to the 1300s, this look is definitely a classic one, and it is making a fashionable comeback.

6). Replace The Bathroom Faucet

Faucet Installation

First, make note of the number and spacing of the holes on your countertop or sink. Consider the size of the space, the kind of sink you own, and who will be using the sink. From there, With countless faucet designs, styles, finishes, and features, homeowners can express the look they want without sacrificing quality and durability.

7). Install open shelving

Install Open Shelving

With minimalist trends on the rise, open shelving is a great option for homeowners who want a simple look without sacrificing storage space. For those who enjoy mixing things up, using both styles can add some impressive personality and help maximize space-usage in your kitchen.

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