4 Types of Storm Doors & The Benefits of Each

A storm door is a simple addition that can make a big difference in allowing more natural light into the house, increasing home security, and with an added screen, improving ventilation.

The most common types of storm doors are made of steel, aluminum, composite, or vinyl. Each material has it own set of benefits and maintenance requirements, but with this overview, hopefully you will be able to determine which choice works best for your home.

1). Steel Frame

This material is the top choice for storm doors for those looking for dependability, longevity, and resistance against the elements. Steel frames are dent-resistant, rot-resistant, and warp-resistant. In homes with children and pets who may tend to lean on doors, a steel frame can provide much needed durability and support. In addition, steel offers superior security and protection against invasion attempts.

2). Aluminum Frame

With a smaller price tag than steel but without sacrificing much dependability, aluminum is a very popular choice for storm doors. The frame is a much lighter alternative to steel, but has more support than composite or vinyl frames. Typically a best selling material at local home improvement vendors, aluminum offers the most styles, designs, and versatility for screen installations. However, keep in mind, if you are looking for increased security, aluminum will not be the right choice.

3). Composite Frame

An up-and-coming material for storm doors, composite is typically made from a combination of PVC, wood, insulating foam, or glass reinforced plastic (GRP). The result is a door that is extremely durable, weather resistant, and affordable. Composite frames are great for combating extreme outdoor conditions including high humidity, moss, high insect population, and salt in the case that your home is by the coast. One aspect to keep in mind is that composite doors offer less versatility for switching out glass for screens.

4). Vinyl Frame

The most economical material, vinyl frames can be a very practical option, especially for homeowners with pets. Vinyl storm doors can get the job done on a small budget, while still providing homeowners with some added protection, lighting for the front of the house , and many options for built in doggy doors. One downside of vinyl is its tendency to fade in color over time. For homes that receive a lot of sunlight, it may be worth considering fade-resistant colors such as white or almond.

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