4 Steps To Transform Your Garage

A garage can be much more than just an area to store your vehicle. Whether you are a regular handyperson or a weekend DIYer, you’ll never regret having an organized and well-planned workspace. Check out these 4 steps to transforming your garage over a weekend or two!

1). Apply An Epoxy Coating to Protect the Floors

Allow for 24-48 hours for the coating to dry

An epoxy coating provides tough protection against oil, mud, hot tires, careless accidents, etc.. For this step, be sure to set aside 2 full days for the application and drying. For best results, we recommend using a heavy-duty degreaser to clean the floors before you apply the coating.

2). Draw A Rough Plan & Divide Your Garage

Create a rough drawing of your garage

Take a moment to consider how you will use your garage. Draw a ?blueprint? of sorts for visual reference. Then, measure and mark designated areas on the walls of your garage. e.g. automotive, gardening, sports.

3). Install Shelving, Pegboards, and Hooks

Here?s where the customization happens! At your local home improvement store, you?ll find a nearly endless selection of garage storage products from free-standing cabinets to walls hooks and overhead racks. For versatile storage and organization, consider a slat wall. This product is easy to install and will allow you to hang heavy items like ladders, weed-whackers, skis, or gardening tools.

4). Create An Accessible Workstation

Every garage can benefit from having a dedicated workstation! If you?re handy, there are plenty of simple work-benches that you can build yourself. Most importantly, consider how large of a surface you need and what you will want to store and organize. e.g. Hand tools, nails, cleaning supplies.

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