4 Steps to Repair Small Drywall Holes

Whether if it was caused by the doorknob or your fist, we’re not here to judge! Follow these 4 steps to repair small drywall holes in just 15 minutes.

1). Cover the Hole with Self-Adhering Mesh

These aluminum patches are long-lasting, easy to use, and available at any home improvement store for just a few bucks! 

2). Cover the Patch with Joint Compound

Using a drywall knife, smoothly cover the patch with joint compound. Try your best to thin out the edges to avoid any excessive buildup. To feather the edges, adjust your pressure and the angle of your knife.  

3). Let It Dry & Smooth It Out

If needed, add a second coat. Otherwise, wait for the compound to dry and then carefully smooth out any large bumps with your drywall knife. If you are using the pink joint compound, don’t worry! The material will dry white as labeled.

4). Final Light Sanding

Finish your repair by using a sanding sponge to blend the patch with the wall. When the surface is smooth to the touch, you?re ready to prime and paint!

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